We are a great helper for all households. We not only try to make your everyday cooking easier, but we also want to make your baking more pleasant. With us, preparing deserts will be a piece of cake, even preparing fillings or baking cakes with gelatine. We offer essential baking ingredients such as vanillin sugar or baking powder, but also the ever more popular liquid toppings. Birthday cakes, Christmas and Easter biscuits; with our products, every housewife will get them perfect. We also remember children and bake our Children’s Bars for them. 

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Rice Flour
42,02 CZK
Rice Flour 500 g
Universal Gluten-Free Mix
46,20 CZK
Universal Gluten-Free Mix 550 g
Gram flour
108,90 CZK
New lactose-free
Gram flour 1 kg
15,87 CZK
Pizza 250 g